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Take a Guided Tour With the World’s First Professional Pot Critic

By Alex Moore Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City, has become a mecca for medical marijuana. In fact, marijuana pharmacies now outnumber Starbucks in Denver, according to The Daily.

While one newspaper in California has made so much money selling ads to medical marijuana pharmacies that they’ve expanded circulation into new regions and hired three new full time staff, it’s a newspaper in Denver that has hired the world’s first full-time pot critic.

The critic, who works for the Denver “Westward,” remains anonymous—not because what he’s doing is illegal, but because, like any good restaurant critic, his ability to offer objective criticism on marijuana depends on pot pharmacies not giving him any special treatment. The good stuff, so to speak.

And by all means, the pot critic does seem to take his job seriously. “Yeah, I smoke weed,” he says, “but it’s still a job. I still have to write, and I still have to make deadlines.”

Aside from describing the actual pot and its high, part of the man’s mission is to guide readers to the best pharmacy experiences. Praise for the “sticky sweet of Tangerine Haze” is interspersed with ruminations like, “If I feel icky in a place, my Grandma is probably going to feel icky there. You know?”

He then quickly adds, “Not that my grandma smokes herb.”

We hear complex arguments about how legalizing marijuana will boost the economy. Boring statistics and law enforcement metrics aside, this guy is evidence that even marginal legalization has just created at least one brand new job. Never before have high schoolers been able to say, “I want to be a pot critic when I grow up.”

Check out the guided tour below, from The Daily


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