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Medical marijuana: Should government pay for grow-ops?

Yes, and then leave us alone. -UA


The government of Nova Scotia must subsidize a woman’s medical marijuana grow op because she is too poor to buy the equipment she needs, an appeals board has ruled.

Tanya and her husband Sam, who don’t want their last names used, have licenses from Health Canada to grow medical marijuana for their own use. Between them, they have permission to grow up to 25 plants, but they can only afford to have six, so they sometimes run through their supply.

Tanya and Sam, both in their 40s, use marijuana to lessen their pain. She has injuries suffered in a car crash, while he has glaucoma and a blood disorder.

The Income Assistance Appeals Board ruled that the government must pay a one-time setup cost of $2,500 and $100 every three months for supplies.

The appeals board said Tanya’s need for marijuana was real and that having the government pay for the grow-op equipment was preferable to paying another licensed grower.



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