Who is helping the fuzz?


Marijuana regulators helping bust illegal marijuana grows

greenfieldreporter.com 6/12

This smells fishy, lets not forget where we came from……-UA

DENVER — Colorado medical marijuana regulators have partnered up with local law enforcement agencies to help cities shut down illegal pot cultivations and prosecute those running them.

With Colorado the only state with medical marijuana regulations that allow companies to profit from selling the drug, strict business licensing requirements are making it easier for law enforcement to find, raid, and prosecute illegal marijuana cultivators. Before a 2010 law requiring special marijuana business license passed, dispensaries, cultivators, and infused product manufacturers operated without oversight.

Before the new laws, police investigations of illegal pot gardens fell apart when pot cultivators who were raided claimed they were growing it for patients. Police and state regulators say the new regulations now create a bright line for enforcement.



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