It's a party


Hope to see you all there! There are 2 VIP Tables left, contact us ASAP to reserve one! See you TONIGHT!!!!!! @ Monet!-UA


  1. We want a car show or something held outdoors that we can bring our entire family to!! It’s getting so hard to get a sitter for all these “grown-ups-only” events.
    Can ReLeaf try to have something during the summer for the entire family? We’d be sooo sooo happy and grateful! And I’m sure there are a lot of others in the community that would love an event they can feel comfortable bringing their children and family members to. Not to mention it would be a great opportunity for other “M.O.M.”s to connect with one another!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeee??? 🙂

  2. I HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE A GREAT TIME, and meet lots of good folks, and are super successful spreading the good word. Have a blast, and as I said before: Do party twice as hard for me. -Catharine.


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