Our relentless DEA seized a bird


Border agents seize pot, parrot in weekend busts

No word on if the bird was ok, or alive for that matter….just that it was worth 200$……they seized a bird, an actual one though,  it looks like the drug war is working…but seriously though….a multi-million dollar bust, but no info about a cartel being taken down, no info on if the bust will help our country in the war on drugs…just a headline about a bird. -UA

Chron.com 5/16

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas — U.S. border agents amassed a ton-and-a-half of marijuana in seizures during the weekend along the far southern stretch of the Rio Grande — but there was more.

A U.S. Border Patrol statement issued Monday says agents patrolling the U.S. shore Friday night scared a group of suspected smugglers into the bushes, leaving behind a black trash bag. Inside the bag was a beer box, concealing an Amazon parrot.

The bird was turned over to customs officials at Roma, who estimated its worth at more than $200.

The Border Patrol says the marijuana taken in the weekend seizures is worth nearly $2.4 million. The biggest seizure was 1,300 pounds of marijuana found in a truck abandoned by suspects Friday night as agents approached near Escobares, 100 miles upstream from Brownsville.