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AZ newspaper searches for medical marijuana critic

Could you imagine the emails they are getting? I’m glad I don’t have to sort through those resumes……-UA


TUCSON, AZ (KGUN/CNN) – A Tucson, AZ, newspaper is looking for someone to become its official medical marijuana critic.

“A lot of sick people are going to be using medical marijuana, and they’re going to want to know things like how is it to park,” said Tucson Weekly Editor Jimmy Boegle. “How good is the stuff they’re selling in terms of helping them with their symptoms? And what are the prices, what kinds of things are offered?”

Although it seems like an easy job, not everyone can apply. The candidate must have a clean driving record, must be a registered medical marijuana patient, and cannot be working in the medical marijuana field.

“The ad makes it very clear we want someone who’s going to be serious about this,” Boegle said.

Boegle admits the medical marijuana critic applicants are lagging; only two people have applied.

Cesar Lopez said he would not apply, but wanted the information for a friend.

“I’m not interested in a job with the Tucson Weekly as a medical marijuana critic, although I’d like to work with the Tucson Weekly,” he said. “Maybe that’s a way to get my start.”