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AG: Can’t predict fed actions on marijuana in WA

If you can’t say anything intelligent, then don’t try. -UA 5/9/11

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The state attorney general’s office says it cannot predict whether federal prosecutors would take action against Washington state employees for regulating the medical marijuana industry.

Deputy Solicitor General Jeffrey Even said in a letter to lawmakers Monday that federal law typically preempts state law. Gov. Chris Gregoire recently vetoed a bill that would have regulated medical marijuana dispensaries after U.S. attorneys told her that state workers would not be immune from prosecutions.

A group of lawmakers had turned to Attorney General Rob McKenna for an opinion on the likelihood that federal prosecutors would hold state workers accountable for enforcing state law. The office says it cannot meaningfully predict what federal prosecutors may or may not do.

Lawmakers are working on developing an alternative measure.