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Will Indonesia follow Holland’s footsteps in legalising marijuana?

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Mon, May 09, 2011

The Jakarta Post reported the Nationwide Marijuana Circle (LGN) marched for the legalisation of marijuana.

“People need to be informed that marijuana can be used to cure cancer. Marijuana also does not trigger any addiction that is more dangerous than coffee or tea,” said LGN chairman Dhira Narayana at the march.

He added that they wanted the government to provide objective information about marijuana.

The march was originally planned to go from the Tugu Tani monument to the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle, also in Central Jakarta.

But, the police did not allow LGN marchers to gather at the traffic circle because of the ongoing Asean Summit.

About 50 members of the LGN participated in the march.

“Not all of them are active users,” Dhira said.