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Montana Dad Claims Cannabis Helped His Two-Year-Old Beat Cancer

By NewsCore  5/5/11

Amazing story. This plant heals. -UA

MISSOULA, Mont. – A two-year-old boy who was given cannabis by his father while battling brain cancer was Wednesday unwittingly thrust into the debate about medical marijuana.

Father Mike Hyde, from Missoula in Montana, told KXLY News last week how he fed marijuana to his son Cash Hyde to ease the pain.

The story was making headlines worldwide Wednesday, stirring the debate over legalizing medical marijuana.

But despite the sensation Cash’s father said he believed it saved his son’s life. Cash, known as Cashy, has returned home after successfully beating cancer.

“When you have to watch your kid, and there’s nothing you can do … or, you’re told there’s nothing you can do, it’s very hard. You feel helpless, you feel inadequate, you’re just kinda lost,” Hyde said.

Cash was born a healthy baby in June 2008 but became sick shortly before his second birthday.

He was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor and underwent high-dose chemotherapy.

“By the end of September, he had gone 40 days without eating, he was vomiting 9-10 times a day, he couldn’t lift his head off his pillow, he was laying their shivering,” Hyde said.

His desperate father inserted cannabis oil through his feeding tube without telling doctors. Hyde said doctors were amazed at the boy’s recovery.

“I wanted to tell them — hey, he’s on cannabis oil — but I didn’t want them to take it away from him,” he said.

Medical marijuana is legal in some US states, including Montana, but is illegal to possess without authorization from a medical professional.

“The only way for medical patients to benefit from cannabis is for us to have it legalized fully,” Hyde said.

“Until it’s fully legalized, police and law enforcement will continue to harass and invade patients’ rights, and take their medicine away.”


  1. This comment is here for the brave father of this beautiful child,
    I am a expecting mother and this story really hit home for me.
    Becoming a mom theres many worries going on in my head wondering all different types of what if’s.. its a horrible thought of what this man had to deal with, but when you see the father being able to break from that helplessness and taking control of how his sons fate was is such an amazing thing. Most people would prob. think that it was wrong of him.. but i give him all my respect because he didnt listen to close minded doctors who woulda sat there and let that little boy suffer he did what he thought was right.. and no one but you knows whats good for your child.. KUDOS


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