Mother arrested for cannacookie.


If the child got into some vicodin or oxycotin, think the momma still would have been arrested? I don’t. -UA

Police: Toddler Hospitalized After Eating Marijuana Cookies

4/28 fox

DENVER — Denver police say a 2-year-old boy was hospitalized after eating cookies that contained marijuana.

Court records show 25-year-old Denitra Vigil brought her son to the hospital on March 19 after he appeared unusually sleepy. Hospital officials said marijuana’s active ingredient, THC, was found in his system.

Records show Vigil said her son climbed on a chair in the kitchen and opened the freezer, where the cookies were kept in a bag. Police say Vigil didn’t know how many cookies the boy ate.

Child Protective Services told police that he was lethargic through the night, but stable.

KMGH-TV in Denver reports that Vigil was arrested on a misdemeanor child abuse charge and released on a $10,000 bond.

Vigil’s attorney declined comment to KMGH-TV Thursday.


  1. Gotta watch out with these Edibles any child would just help themselves to a few and that can be bad,But like the above poster said,IF these were Oxys or Vicodin a child could easily die.


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