Eat your greens.


Natural sunscreen and the need for calcium

Experts agree to wear sunscreen everyday? How many experts? Where/when did this sunscreen conference take place? Who sponsored it? -UA 4/28

Many Americans may not be getting enough calcium.

University of Connecticut and Yale researchers have discovered that younger people get most of their calcium from food they eat, but as people age, they tend to eat less which leads to less calcium.

The study authors say as you get older, there is an increased need to take a calcium supplement.

Although calcium rich food is important, broccoli is also an important natural health aide.

Researchers at Penn State say that broccoli is a natural source of sunscreen.

They’ve found a molecule in broccoli that can help prevent skin damage from the sun. The same molecule might even be able to prevent sun damage from becoming melanoma.

Experts agree though, even if you load up on broccoli, you should still be using sunscreen every day.



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