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Mom arrested after 5-year-old brings marijuana on school bus

Kimathi Lewis 4/15/10

An elementary school bus driver made an interesting discovery when he pointed out to one of the children that she smelled funny.

The 5-year-old girl showed the bus driver what was causing the “funny smell” – small baggies of marijuana, which eventually led to the arrest of the child’s mother.

The incident happened at 8:35 a.m.  Monday while the bus driver was on the way to La Petite Academy on Indian Trail Road in Norcross, Gwinnett County police spokesman Cpl. Edwin Ritter said Thursday.

When the child boarded the bus to be taken to her school, the bus driver said he smelled something “funny” on the child’s clothes, Cpl. Ritter said.

“When the bus driver told the child she smelled funny, she pulled a bag of marijuana from her book bag and told the bus driver that her mommy put it in there,” Cpl. Ritter said.

The driver found 10 small baggies of marijuana totaling 19 grams and packaged for sale, Cpl. Ritter said. The school called police.

Investigators contacted the child’s mother, Ms. Taneisha Lewis, 23. They searched her vehicle and the address she provided for her home, the corporal said.

“There were few items inside that indicated Lewis and her daughter lived there,” Cpl. Ritter said.

Still, investigators did not find any additional illegal drugs and Ms. Lewis was not charged. The child was allowed to return home to her mother, Cpl. Ritter said.

Then on Tuesday, investigators learned that Ms. Lewis had been stopped for a traffic violation in Gwinnett on Monday.  At that time she provided the officer with a different address, 2110 Preston Park Drive in Duluth.  This apartment belonged to Ms. Lewis’ brother, Mr. Earnest Boyd, Cpl. Ritter said.

On Wednesday, investigators obtained a search warrant for the Preston Park Drive address.

They found clothes, medicine and mail for Ms. Lewis and her daughter in one of the bedrooms. Six and a half clonazapam pills, which is a muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety drug, were located in the first bedroom. The drug, which had not been prescribed to anyone in the home, is illegal without a presription.

Also, they found 2 grams of crack cocaine in Mr. Boyd’s room, Cpl. Ritter said.

Officers charged Ms. Lewis with possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, and possession of a schedule IV substance (clonazapam pills), Cpl. Ritter said. They charged Mr. Boyd, 26, with possession of cocaine, he said.

They have both bonded out of the Gwinnett County Detention Center.  The 5-year-old was staying with family, Cpl. Ritter said.


  1. The sad thing about a story like this is that in the end all that people will see is that there was marijuana being sold. everything else will fall by the wayside.. and there is yet another negative story about weed and someone selling it.


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