Fresno, CA PD Refuses Donation For Kids From Medical Marijuana Dispensary


The owners of “Buds 4 Life”, a medical marijuana collective in Fresno, California, recently donated $5,000 to the Fresno Police Activities League, only to have their check returned forthwith. The Chief of the Fresno PD – Jerry Dyer – says that while the donation was made with good intentions, the city doesn’t support medical marijuana and taking the donation would send the wrong message to kids.

Buds 4 Life Owner, Brian Cooper said, “That’s all we were hoping to do was to just help some of these kids. Get them off the streets where the real problems lay, the gangs, the hardcore drugs.”

Herein lies one of the many problems with The War on Drugs. People like Police Chief Dyer and those who support him see no difference between cannabis and “hardcore drugs.” To them these caregivers are nothing more than scumbag drug dealers.

If you want to talk about sending the wrong message, what about making kids think marijuana is the same as crack and heroin? What happens when they find out – and they will find out, the Internet has changed the game – that they have been lied to? What happens when they find out the cannabis plant is non-toxic and has many medicinal properties and the people they used to trust told them it was a deadly “gateway drug?”

It would seem to me that raising money for programs that keep kids off the street is more important than making some kind of silly political statement about medical marijuana. Obviously, Chief Dyer feels differently.


  1. Chief Dyer has made a huge mistake here. It is absolutely ludacris to deny a donation that is for the better of the children and the community period. Nevermind his ridiculous excuse that it would be backing medical cannabis which he believes to be a “bad example” for kids. I think HE is setting the bad example here. Pushing ignorance into the faces of our youth while saying it is they he hopes to protect… If you want to protect the children.. why did you deny them $5,000 which could help them stay in after-school activites rather than be on the streets? If he is really looking out for the kids then he should replace that donation with money from his own pocket, since apparently “Buds 4 Life” (a very threatening name obviously… NOT) has tainted money according to him, because losing a $5,000 donation is NOT good for these kids and since it is his fault they were denied it.. he should donate the money since he is in it “for the children” supposidley.