Edible Marijuana Vote Scheduled For Vote Tuesday In Colorado House


The Judiciary Committee of the Colorado State House is scheduled to vote on Tuesday on a bill that would place strict regulations on edible medical marijuana products.

House Bill 1250, sponsored by Republican Cindy Acree, was originally aimed at banning the sale and manufacture of “medical marijuana-infused consumable food and beverage product[s].”

Acree, however, backed away from her original proposal in the wake of vehement opposition from medical marijuana advocates who, in testimony earlier this month, called HB 1250 “ridiculous,” and a “slippery slope.”

Acree, who says her concern has always been the marketing of edible medical marijuana products to children, is is now expected to propose new labeling requirements and other packaging safeguards instead of an outright ban on the sale of the products.

Nonetheless, the Cannabis Therapy Institute, a medical marijuana advocacy organization, remains skeptical of Tuesday’s vote. “Amendments have been proposed to lessen the impact of this bill, but nothing is set in stone,” the organization says on its website. “All options remain on the table, and new, unseen amendments have been promised by the sponsors.”

The Colorado Department of Revenue is also expected to complete work this spring on regulations on marketing and packaging of medical marijuana products.

The medicinal use of marijuana has been legal in Colorado since the passage of a voter initiative in 2000.




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