Native Americans anti Medicine??!?!


Pinal turns down tribal pot request

Posted: Mar 2, 2011 8:46 AM
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CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (AP) – Pinal County supervisors are rejecting a call by Gila River Indian Community officials not to locate pot dispensaries within a mile of their borders because the tribe doesn’t recognize medical marijuana.

Tribal Gov. William R. Rhodes said in a letter the county’s cooperation would support his community’s stance against medical marijuana and help reduce safety hazards and criminal behavior that could arise from dispensaries located within a mile of the community’s boundary.

The Arizona Republic reports Pinal supervisors last week approved a medical-marijuana ordinance without accommodating the tribe’s Feb. 14 request. The ordinance dictates zoning rules for dispensaries and related facilities.

County Supervisor David Snider says supervisors could consider the tribe’s request on a case-by-case basis when dispensaries seek to operate on unincorporated county land.


  1. The main reason that medical cannabis is problematic for reservations is that it is still “illegal” by the federal government. Even though it in most cases is sovereign land – the tribes still depend on federal money and are bound to federal jurisdiction so their proverbial hands are tied. It works backwards too though. Lots of places gambling is illegal by state law but the lack of it being illegal federally allows them to have gaming. Crazy – but the rules are the rules. There are definitely some places on tribal lands and throughout US that grow natural medicines and could easily grow MMJ – but don’t because of this very reason.