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Thought from the editor:  Here is yet another example of a cancer inside of the Medical Cannabis program…….inconsiderate degenerates looking to make personal gain off of the sickness and vulnerability of others…As of today’s posting, there is no one in Rhode Island licensed to grow Cannabis plants LEGALLY on a large scale level operation…..If you are going to disregard the Slater Act and grow more plants than your Medical Cannabis card allows, ESPECIALLY going over FEDERAL LIMITS, please do not be a coward and stand behind your ‘card’  or the ‘cards’ of your patients and bring the rest of the community into turmoil.  People like this and the idiots that overgrow warehouses are the reason that house bill 7275 is being introduced.  People like this are not pioneers, they will be the reason that your personal legal medical garden will soon be obsolete.  They will be the reason that the state issues growing rights to compassion centers only.

Marijuana greenhouses uncovered in Lincoln, Providence

5:58 PM Tue, Feb 22, 2011
Amanda Milkovits  PROJO

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Local authorities said they’ve seized about 250 marijuana plants from two growing operations inside houses in Providence and Lincoln.

Two men were arrested during the drug searches on Friday and Saturday, and Providence police say they are drafting an arrest warrant for a third man.

The two-month investigation by Providence detectives Sgt. Gregory Sion and Elizabeth Wajda started with a tip from East Providence police about a house in Federal Hill.

The house at 50 Knight St., in Providence, was a home in name only, says Providence police Lt. Michael Correia.

“There was no food, no beds, no furniture,” he said on Tuesday. The entire second floor and basement were being used to grow marijuana, with lighting, a water filtration system, and other growing material, he said.

Franklyn Munoz, 43, who had keys to the house and was frequently there, was arrested during the raid Friday afternoon. He had further trouble, after police from Providence, Rehoboth, Swansea and the South Coast Anti-Crime task force searched his house at178 Summer St. in Rehoboth later Friday and seized a gun, three bullet-proof vests, and $8,100 cash, said Bernard F. Sullivan, spokesman for the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation also led authorities to Lincoln on Saturday, where police said they found about 90 large marijuana plants growing inside a house at 7 Cliffside Drive.

When resident Todd Gagne, 45, opened the door to police, he explained that the strong odor of marijuana emanating from inside was for medical reasons, said Lincoln Police Capt. Raymond Bousquet. Gagne showed the detectives his medical marijuana card and the front bedroom where he was growing plants, Bousquet said.

Lincoln Sgt. Wayne Bouthillette and Officer Jason Bolduc took one look at the 40 to 50 plants in the room — way over the state law allowance — and got a search warrant, Bousquet said. Detectives found three large grow rooms with more plants in the basement, he said.

“It was a very sophisticated operation,” Bousquet said, adding that it was the largest the Lincoln police had seen.

The indoor grow system speeds up the plants’ life cycle for an early harvest, Correia said. One plant can generate anywhere from a half pound to a 1 ½ pound of marijuana, which can sell from $1,500 to $4,500 a pound, he said. The police are investigating where the marijuana was being distributed.

Munoz, who has addresses at Summer Street in Rehoboth and 43 Wesleyan Ave. in Providence, was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana, manufacturing/cultivating marijuana, and conspiracy. Police also seized $2,289 cash from him.

Gagne was charged with manufacturing and delivery of marijuana, and distributing marijuana near a school.


  1. We are way to small of a state for so many people like that. Its unfair, and has been taking place since day one. Honorable patients and careGIVERS are holding the base of the cannabis community up. Fools need to stop and take a minute to realize what they are legally aloud to do, is a privilege. Cocky, Over-grows, for pure profit is so wrong. They really shouldn’t be hiding behind the cards, and stop abusing the right to soil seeds and grow potent medicine. Whats wrong with at or under the guidelines? The wrong mindset for the oddballs out, who aren’t in this for caring..but for taking. Bill 7275 is unconstitutional toward patients who are strict and follow the legal guidelines they are supposed to. Even three dispensaries would be not enough for 3000+ patients, they should take into consideration this bill could cause more problems then just over grows. Rally against 7275..

  2. Everything and anything, can and will be abused by someone. The medical marijuana program is no different. And in this case the police did the program an enormous favor by removing these caretakers from the system. However as a community it is now our responsibility to take the reigns and get the message out that caretakers like this are the minority. Legal and trustworthy patients and caregivers are the majority but we need to speak louder than the acts of a handful of criminals to be heard. The people of this state, whether for or against the MMP, need to know that we will not stand for this type of activity within the program. Otherwise our opponents will continue to use our quiet inaction to prop up and push bills like 7275. The sick should not suffer at the hands of thieves.

  3. this whole POT FOR PATIENTS program is a joke! there are plenty of medications available on the market for people to use…..there are very sick people that shouldn’t think smoking a joint will make their condition better…..keep drugs where they should be, at the pharmacy given to you by a doctor………

    • Let’s keep ignorance & the mentally challenged where they belong as well…OK?

      “there are VERY ignorant people that shouldn’t think that a regurgitated, ill conceived & uninformed reaction will make their condition better”

      a better joke would perhaps involve your name “drug free america” … now that’s rich!

      “Patients for an Ignorant Free America”

  4. in order for this to work patients and caregivers must stay within the regulations, working within the confines of the law

  5. Unfortunately there are monkeys like this gentleman all throughout the program. Claiming to want to help and giving gifts to fellow patients and being hipocrits cause they abuse the program and flood the black market with sub par “medical marijuana”. Assclowns who wanna be “Stoners” and relive a youth they never lived…

  6. God the downfall of tolerance is due to ignorance. Put that in your piece pipe and smoke it. Idiots, stop trying to ruin a good thing for greed, fame or just general disregard for the community.