Arizona still out.


All eyes on Arizona as it comes to the wire…..

Prop 203, the ballot measure in Arizona to make medical marijuana legal, has failed by a small margin, 50.25% against to 49.25% for, with only 3 precincts left to report. The measure has failed by a little over 6,000 votes and it doesn’t look like the last three precincts will turn the tide. This is a victory as Prop 203 was supposed to allow people, with severe pain, to be able to use marijuana. Opponents say that people will fake having pain in order to get a prescription for marijuana. Governor Jan Brewer, who was easily re elected to another term, was against this measure. Looks like the people of Arizona are split down the middle of the issue. People who support medical marijuana use say it works in relieving pain where other medications will not. Those who oppose medical marijuana say this is just a way for drug users to skirt the law. We talked to 11 people in Phoenix yesterday and asked them if marijuana should be used for medical purposes. Seven of our respondents said yes and only four were opposed. Of course our subjects were all between the ages of 20 and 27 so it seems the younger generation does not have a big problem with medical marijuana. Prop 203 may have a chance at another time but not today.