Lets hope Grassachusettes takes the first steps on November 2


Massachusetts Voters To Decide Non-Binding Marijuana Proposal
October 21, 2010 –

Georgetown, MA, USAGeorgetown, MA:
Voters in 73 cities and towns will decide November 2 on non-binding public policy questions regarding the taxation of the adult use of marijuana and the legalization of the physician-supervised use of medical cannabis.

Approximately 13 percent of the state’s registered voters will be weighing in on the questions.

The results of these votes will likely influence the language of a proposed statewide, binding ballot measure in 2012, said Steven Epstein, spokesperson for the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (MassCann), NORML’s Massachusetts affiliate. MassCann and the Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts are sponsoring the ballot measures. Since 2000, voters in one-third of the Commonwealth have voted overwhelmingly in favor of marijuana reform on over 40 separate public policy questions.


  1. I’ve never been a big fan of taxation but in this case it seems like a necessary step towards legalizing cannabis. It offers the state of Mass a great economic solution and will help generate revenue for the state while also opening a new plethora of jobs (not to mention the huge “green” benefits of hemp!). All-in-all this is a necessary step towards making medicines available to everyone and that is one thing that we all want.