Beer Vs. MM


– Tobacco and Alcohol will always be against anything more natural and less harmful to the Public.


    • Where a drunk driver will fly through a redlight and t-bone somebody, a “pot-head” will only stop at a greenlight and possibly inconvenience someone behind them. Beer has a much larger negetive impact on society than pot! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

  1. absolutely they (beer co) will dispute legalization a Marijuana, its direct competition that as of yet has far fewer hoops to jump thru…

  2. well i can tell you all from my own problems with alchol i was an alcholic but sice i started useing medical cannabis i have been sober for over 3-4 years now it is a merical plant. i mean this with my hole heart this plant medical cannabis saved my life more than once it is a savior!


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