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Ass backwards

Teen Marijuana Use On The Rise? May 3, 2012 redorbit.com American media at its finest....tell us marijuana is the bad drug, and back it up with...

Lame idea

Could Increasing the Cost of Cheap Cigars Reduce Teenage Marijuana Use? Some lawmakers think a cigar tax will cut down on the number of kids...

Cannabis and teens pt. 2

Marijuana for rare disease blocks teen from school By Katie Kerwin McCrimmon Health Policy Solutions COLORADO SPRINGS – An attack seizes Chaz Moore’s body, stealing much of...

not my fault

Obama’s Drug Czar Blames YOU for Increased Teen Marijuana Use WASHINGTON, DC — Just when you thought the medical marijuana debate couldn’t get any uglier,...

Tax dollars hard at work studying the obvious…..

2 talks with teens leads to less marijuana use for at least a year Ok, I love cannabis, chances are you do too, but not...
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