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If legalized, California would lead the industry according to this report

If California Legalizes Marijuana, It Would Be a $6 Billion Industry, Report Says TIME - By. Justin Worland - 08/25/16 The question is on the ballot...


Broke states praying pot tax will lift them out of financial ruin msn.com Politicians are quick to jump on the "legalize marijuana" bandwagon when they see...

Who's with me?

Hugh MacIntyre: The economic argument for legalized marijuana fullcomment.nationalpost.com The Liberal Party over the weekend voted to “legalize and regulate” the selling of marijuana. This issue has...


Retired Denver cop backs legal drugs Nina Sparano kwgn.com DENVER-- The full legalization of marijuana has been in the Colorado spotlight for some time. Now former...

A state where they actually MAKE decisions…..

Pot, marriage could play roles in '12 Colo. races Make your own choices, and mind your own damn business. -UA KRISTEN WYATT, Associated Press  Sunday, July 24 DENVER...

Show me the herb

Group In Missouri Looks To Legalize Marijuana It sounds nice, but the conservative mid-west will probably shoot this down. What about an inititive that supports...
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