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US policy clouds approvals of medical marijuana

By Kay Lazar Doctors at Massachusetts community health centers have been advised not to authorize any of their more than 638,000 patients to obtain marijuana for...

Feds Seek To Corral Medical Marijuana ‘Wild West’

by Liz Hallroan When the Obama administration recently announced it wouldn't challenge the decision by Colorado and Washington voters to fully legalize marijuana, criticism rained...

Judge rules medical marijuana plaintiffs not entitled to injunction

District Judge Daniel Kaup ruled today that the three medical marijuana dispensaries in Loveland suing the city and state because of a citywide ban...

MONTANA Missoula crowd rallies for right to medical marijuana

Shouts of protest filled the streets of downtown Missoula on Saturday as medical marijuana advocates, angered by the raids of cannabis facilities across Montana...

Important Federal Medical Marijuana Ruling

Thought from the editor:  In this country, if you want to work, potential employees have to pass a drug test, but if you want...

A True Pioneer, Patients – Please Read About Your Ambassador

Second person to recieve medical marijuana speaks at NORML event By Kendall Bierer, Central Florida Future Published: Monday, February 21, 2011 Irvin Rosenfeld isn't your stereotypical stoner. The 58-year-old...
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