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100k and shrinking?

Medical marijuana: Active patient numbers rise even as many people leave registry westword.com The number of active patients on the Colorado medical marijuana registry rose from...

big plants, big signs…..

Medical marijuana ads under attack in Denver businessweek.com DENVER (AP) — Free joints! Cheap weed! Come on down! Marijuana advertising in Denver can be shockingly aggressive,...

Apples and oranges

Colorado House Passes Bill on Marijuana DUIs abcnews.go.com A long-debated Colorado bill setting a marijuana limit for drivers faces an uncertain fate in the state Senate...

Too High to Drive

When are medical marijuana users too high to drive? U.S. urges states to establish standards By Kristen Wyatt philly.com DENVER - Angeline Chilton says she can't drive...

The feds really don’t like marijuana……

Colorado medical-marijuana bill draws U.S. attorney's warning As long as you don't think about it at all, their stance seems to make sense. -UA By Felisa...
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Takin on the Gov!

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