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Wanna work with weed? Here’s insider info on pot jobs

Insiders share their stories from the 'fastest-growing industry in America'; marijuana isn’t included in mainstream jobs reports, but another report says pot outsold Girl...

bringing back traditions

A tip for American farmers: Grow hemp, make money By Doug Fine latimes june 25 2014 After a 77-year break, hemp plants are growing in American...

Proposed Marijuana DUI Law Fails in California

Phew, many of you are saying. A bill that would have made the presence of just a little itty bit of weed in your bloodstream,...

California medical vote

Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Measure D Voters approved a ballot measure Tuesday that restricts the number of medical marijuana dispensaries. The approval of Measure D comes...

Coporate Americas High Life

Stacking the vapors... ILLA Forbs.com It’s hard to ignore the prevalence of medical marijuana dispensaries in California and elsewhere. They are on the corner and in...

Obama // Romney // Legalization?

Ads running to legalize marijuana in three states RBR.com By Carl Marcucci [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aScUZgzFlTI] In November, voters in Colorado, Washington and Oregon will consider legalizing marijuana for recreational...

Dirty judgement

Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Dismissed By Federal Judge In Sacramento huffingtonpost.com SAN FRANCISCO -- Medical marijuana advocates faced another setback Tuesday, when a federal judge in Sacramento...

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