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Medical Marijuana Laws Go Up in Smoke By CAMERON LANGFORD courthousenews.com Sixteen years after California voters passed Proposition 215, legalizing medical use of marijuana, it's clear...

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Useless information

RAND Retracts Marijuana Study How many tax dollars were needed to find out this didn't work? -UA myfoxla.com Los Angeles - The RAND Corp. today officially retracted...

Power to the…..CITY

California Pot Shop Laws: Gov. Brown Gives Cities The Power huffingtonpost.com At least the power didn't go to the feds. -UA The "Wild West" days of medical...

Patients stand up!

Chula Vista Police Strong-Arm Medical Marijuana Patients www.nugmag.com By: Eugene Davidovich, San Diego Americans for Safe Access, August 14 image: Police Brutality by Peter Kramar Patients stand up...

Wolf trying to wear sheepskin…..

George Gascon Flipflops on Medical Marijuana  An ex-cop politician playing flippy-floppy? Unheard of..........-UA Chris Roberts Wednesday, Jul 20 2011 sfweekly.com With less than six months as district attorney...

More drug war blemishes….

Napa officials find two corpses in marijuana grow DEA is still bothering patients and caregivers when the cartels are working within our borders.........smh....-UA By Rachel Raskin-Zrihen /...
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Change needed

Cheers to Portugal!

California = free for some