Releaf Magazine // Issue 35 // December 2013

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In This Issue:


The K.O.P., Michael Malta
The Cost of Meds
The Price of Private Prisons
Ted Smiths Letter to Canadians

Ask Grubbycup, POWS of the Movement, Upcoming Events, Cannabuzz, Releaf Fashion Report, Horoscopes

Strain Review: Bubba Tom Haze & Comfort Zone
Patients Corner: Robert Ling

The Releaf Report: VIP Vape, Speedee Trim, The Most Dope Soap

Cooking with Releaf: Red Pepper Salad, Buttered Spinach, Garlic Shrimp

Featured Artist: Colton Tant

Advertisers: 3 Guys Hydro, Beeline, Couchlock, From Creation Remedies, Green Candy Press, Growin Crazy, Grubbycup, Herbal Synergy, Holistic Nursery, High Flyer Promotions, It’s All Good, Know Your Grow,, Live to Grow, Mass Hydro, Mother Nature, No Goo, Phunky Stuff, Quantum Apocalypse, Smokeez, Speedee Trim, Vortex