Releaf Magazine // Issue 34 // November 2013

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In This Issue:

Articles:  2013 Festival Wrap-Up, Justice For All – The State of the Union, Ask Grubbycup, Upcoming Events, Top 10 Albums, Cannabuzz, Releaf Fashion Report, Horoscopes

Interviews: Hemp Hop Activists – Pony Boy Los Marijuanos, BurntMD, DJ Slim

Strains: Buddah & Big Buddah Cheese
Extract Exam: Bluberry Chem

The Releaf Report: The Daborizer Vapor Wand, Tammy’s Cool Stuff, Zang Pipes

Cooking with Releaf: Spaghetti with Olive and Tomato Sauce, Penne with Peppers

Featured Artist: Colton Tant

The Releaf Book Report: Grubbycups Gardening Notes

Advertisers: 3 Guys Hydro, Beeline, Couchlock, From Creation Remedies, Green Candy Press, Growin Crazy, Grubbycup, Herbal Synergy, Holistic Nursery, It’s All Good, Know Your Grow,, Live to Grow, Mass Hydro, Mother Nature, Phunky Stuff, Quantum Apocalypse, Smokeez, Vortex