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VapirRise2.0 Ultimate

VapirRise2.0 Ultimate The newest product in the Vapir line is their best to date.  The desktop convection vaporizer is the most customizable vaporizer on the...

Grunge Off Spray: Orange Sherbet

Being constantly exposed to plant, smoke and dab odors can make one a bit nose deaf to the smells we create. The Orange Sherbet...

Root Webstar

Root Web Star by OG Tea is a blend of Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungi that are beneficial to plants.Can be used with every...

Lexican Review (Lemon Skunk)

LEMONS! Lemons! lemons... That's all I can smell or taste with this one. This Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions masterpiece Lexican is also known as Lemon Skunk....

Black Review (Rare Darkness)

I purchased a 3.5g container from local CT Dispensary. Black (Curaleaf) was it's name... I simply couldn't resist the title. The lineage of the...

Daxotone T19 Review (Blueberry x Starfighter)

Purchased at a reasonable price in a 3.5 gram container. Once I got the product home I was faced with a pungent aroma upon...

Indicol C Review (Banana OG)

Indicol C aka Banana OG (Banana OG x Cookies and Creme) a product of Advanced Grow Labs in West Haven CT. Thumbs up, big...

Marijuana review: MK Ultra (Strain Theory)

"I became inexplicably giddy. That quality is great for an evening smoke" By Brittany Driver, The Cannabist Staff By the numbers: $10/gram, $200-$280/ounce at Pure Dispensary,...

Check out Liquid Ladybug!!!

This stuff is safe, and effective! Check out our review in August's issue.....-UA [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuftU8Wl34g]
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