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Sister Act-ivists: Cannabis-growing ‘nuns’ campaign to save their crop

© Sister Kate / YouTube

A “drafting error” in California’s revision to its medicinal marijuana law could leave established growers like “Sisters of the Valley” without a crop.

According to their website, they are not traditionally religious or part of an order, but call themselves “nuns”, wear a habit, and are on a spiritual quest.

Their year-old cannabis business might have to close if a proposed ban on all marijuana cultivation kicks in.

Sister Kate and apprentice Sister Darcey from Merced, California have been producing salves and tonics made with cannabinoids (CBD), but not THC, the substance that causes a high.

They are on a mission to heal the sick with their cures and have been gaining popularity on YouTube for their music videos.

Their magic medicine still doesn’t come cheap, however.

2 fluid ounces (400mg) of CBD oil made by the moon's cycles and used for pain relief, costs patients $85.15, not including shipping, through their Etsy page.

The sisters claim their substances treat a wide range of problems.

"We make CBD oil which takes away seizures, and a million other things," Sister Kate told KFSN-TV reporter. "And we make a multi-purpose salve that cures migraines, hangovers, earaches, diaper rash, and toothaches."


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