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The Most Important Freedom Rally to Date

freedom-rally-flyerThe 2016 Boston Freedom Rally Prepares For Question 4

ReLeaf Media - By. Mike Perry - 09/14/2016

During the third weekend of September, the 17th and 18th this year, the 27th annual Boston Freedom Rally will be taking place once again on the Boston Common. This year, MassCann will be putting on the most important and historic Freedom Rally to date. The Rally’s main focus this year is getting out the information and knowledge Massachusetts voters need to be able to answer Question 4 on the November 4th ballot-wether or not to tax and regulate cannabis within the state of Massachusetts.

The Boston Freedom Rally, also known as “Hempfest”, is the second largest cannabis activism gathering in the country and always gives it’s participants a fantastic, informative and safe weekend filled with positive uplifting vibes and thousands of likeminded people joining together to end cannabis prohibition.

Bill Downing of MassCann and organizer of the Freedom Rally is very excited about Question 4 being on the ballot and says attendees can expect “The biggest and best Freedom Rally ever” and told us to expect “beautiful music, beautiful people, beautiful smiles, beautiful glass, useful info, contacts, dancing, relaxing, eating and more.”


There will be two stages of music, speakers, and activism as well as a cannabis education village, vendors, and delicious food Saturday 12-8p & Sunday 12-6p.

The education village will be a main resource for all voters and legislators to be educated on eight important areas of concern so they can be properly informed for election day. It is with high hopes these discussions will teach something new to their visitors and sway them to be in favor of taxing and regulating cannabis in Massachusetts.

The eight pop up tents will each be discussing the important issues titled “Prohibition is Destroying Our Communities,” “Activism Helps,” “Repair the Community,” “Support Groups,” “Cannabis is Human Kinds Manhattan Project,” “Cannabis is an Essential Health Supplement,” “Recipes on How to Grow, Make, and Take,” “Your Own Medicine,” and “Spirituality, Peace, and Love.” There will also be a tent for panel discussions that will also be streamed live on

The music this year is enough alone to draw an incredible amount of people down to the Boston Common. Both stages will have dozens of artists in various genres performing the length of the Rally. There will be a good amount of reggae performances this year, as well as a “Rave on the Common” with DJ  Julee + DJ Leah headlining on Saturday and Hip Hop legends Method Man and Redman will be the headliners Sunday. The lineup has something for everyone at every point of gathering.

One of the premier sponsors of the event this year is Greenleaf Magazine. We have Real One flying in from California. He is one of the top hip hop artists supporting cannabis,” said Brett Cogill of Greenleaf Magazine. “We are also very excited for the 65k people that will come out to support our cause. Boston George from the famous movie “BLOW” will be at our booth signing autographs as well.”boston-george-cover

There will be countless vendors with booths all over the common promoting, selling, and informing visitors of their place in the culture and cannabis industry. There are always newcomers to learn about and old favorites to revisit. You’ll be sure to leave with plenty of new friends, contacts, and a great state of mind from being around so many likeminded people.

Scott Bettano, founder of Social High, is a major sponsor of the Freedom Rally this year and expects it to be huge and very important. “We are most excited about the anticipated turn out and energy of the crowd. We decided to get involved with big sponsorship this year for a few reasons. First off, Boston is our home and always will be. We very proud to be part of the Cannabis Culture in Massachusetts and the associated start-up community. That being said, this is an important time for not only the State of Massachusetts, but the Cannabis movement as a whole. We wanted to do our part in helping bring out the crowd to the Freedom Rally and educate as many people as possible on the benefits of Voting Yes on Question 4.”

Scott remarks,  “We think it's important people know these benefits and understand their vote has the ability to foster positive change come November. We are very grateful to MassCann for allowing us to get involved to make that happen. With the board behind us and the team of Co-sponsors in Boston Smoke Shop, Xperience Creative and The Hardy Consultants, this year promises to be possibly the biggest rally to date!”


You can download Social High on Android or IOS to find a smoke buddy for this year’s Rally!

Bill Downing also gave us some useful tips for everyone heading into the city.

”Arrive stoned. If it's sunny, bring sunglasses and sun screen. It's always nice to have a blanket, but many just sit on the grass. The vending area gets crammed in the late afternoon. Get there early, if you want a more relaxed shopping experience. Booze on the Common is not cool. Bring something for the 4:20 celebration and share it. Boston cops can be a pain in the ass, but the Park Rangers are cool, for the most part. Parking is available under the Common, entrance on Charles Street (one way). The flat rate for Saturday and Sunday is $18.00. The height limit is 6’, 3”. The garage fills up quickly after 10am.”

Make it down to the Boston Common the 17th + 18th and come together to vocalize with thousands that we want an end to marijuana prohibition and we want a yes from all on Question 4.

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Good advice for those attending Boston’s Freedom Rally

Boston-Freedom-Rally-CannabisNow-3-620x400Top Travel Tips for the Boston Freedom Rally

Cannabis Now - By. Jimi Devine - 8/31/2016

If you’re looking to head out to Boston for America’s second largest cannabis gathering at theBoston Freedom Rally this weekend, it would be wise to plan ahead. There will be plenty of fun to be had, and with these helpful pointers you’ll be able to get a “heady” start on the protest plans.

Public Transit

The MBTA is without a doubt the easiest way to get into Boston Common on the weekends. Boston was planned around cow paths and it shows during busy traffic periods downtown. You can take the MBTA Red Line to Boylston Station and upon exiting the station you’ll be at the rally’s second stage closer to downtown at Parkman Bandstand. Exiting the train at Park Station is fine also and following the main trail will bring you to the heart of the event. For those traveling from points further North and South, the Commuter Rail is an excellent option and you’ll still spend less even with a subway transfer than you would paying to park downtown.


Boston is ranked as the worst city in Americas to drive a car and part of the issue is the parking problem. After you brave Interstate 93 or the Mass Pike head towards Boston Common. If you’re lucky The Boston Common Garage will not be full, but don’t bet on it. There will be other options available much of the time, but prices will rise quickly. Plan on bringing $50 for parking costs if you’re attending both days of the rally.


Few cities in the U.S. are as saturated in history as Boston. The Freedom Rally’s centralized location provides for a perfect launch point to explore a bit downtown. If you get the opportunity, burning one down and hitting the city’s famed Freedom Trail is an absolute must. The first seven stops of the trail are within steps of the common’s grassy fields.

New England Weather

When the Freedom Rally was founded all those years ago, organizers chose the third weekend in September due to the lighter chance of rain according to the Farmers Almanac. While success has been on their side most of the time, bring a cheap rain poncho and light sweater for the evening. If it does rain stick around embrace it, some of the most famed sessions in the history of Boston Common have happened in downpours under tents.


If you’re in the market for a new bowl or rig, the Freedom Rally will be a great spot to shop. Many local glass blowers will be on hand selling their wares, more often then not at prices head shops won’t be able to match. Plan on buying early though, the nicest stuff will most likely be picked off by midday Saturday.


Bring your own. In recent years folks thought to be distributing cannabis have been the main target for undercover officers. While things have cooled off with the passage of decriminalization and medical ballot measures over the past decade, you’re better off not risking it. Remember, the city’s current administration in leading the charge against an adult-use ballot initiative this fall alongside the governor.


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