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US Attorney to Chafee: Medical-pot centers violate US law

fri 4/29/11

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha has told Governor Chafee that the state law establishing three medical-marijuana centers violates federal law and could lead to civil and criminal prosecution.

The three-page letter was hand-delivered to the governor's office Friday afternoon.

"The Act, the registration scheme it purports to authorize, and the anticipated operation of the three centers appear to permit large-scale marijuana cultivation and distribution," Neronha wrote.

"Accordingly, the Department of Justice could consider civil and criminal legal remedies against those individuals and entities who set up marijuana growing facilities and dispensaries, as such actions are in violation of federal law."

For one thing, the letter said, under federal law it is illegal to manufacture, distribute or possess with intent to distribute marijuana, or use property to manufacture, store or distribute the drugs.

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  1. So what does this mean for the CENTERS,will they still open?Hold out?,Or Have a change of heart and bailout?

  2. I hope they just decide to not open at all.

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