Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn…


Scarlett (Aka Strawberry Cough) is one of my favorite strains of all times. (Click Here To See Previous Praise) In the flower form, there is normally a nice faint flavor of strawberry. Seeing this in the form of a concentrate, great joy fell over me. Oh, it’s a pen? Even better! At least, this is what I had thought.

I eagerly plugged it into my readily waiting pre-charged battery. My excitement was running on high as I was absorbing the first gulping breath from this vape cartridge. Then the flavors arose. It was that of burning wheat and celery. Wait… What? I wasn’t ready for this. I was suddenly struck by an unknown weakness. Superman had Kryptonite. The Fonz had liver. Mine… Burning Wheat and Celery flavored vape cartridges. And I choked, BIG TIME. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting.

Then I thought “Maybe I have to acclimate.” Nope. I tried different batteries with different temperatures. Nope. Still nothing but flaming wheat and celery.

The Fonz beat liver, but Superman never beat Kryptonite. This fell in the middle. Best compared to cheap whiskey. Tastes horrible, but it’ll get the job done. So, just like Gone With The Wind, so was my fifty bucks. Unless it’s flower… You can keep it.

Scarlett Aka Strawberry Cough
Producer Curaleaf