Hybridol Q Review (aka OG KUSH BREATH)


I had noticed that this one had come back around and thought I’d give it a try… Hybridol Q from Advanced Grow Labs is also known as OG Kush Breath which is OG Kush crossed with Durbin Poison.

Light aroma upon opening the container, but the display is really something to see. The flowers had a perfect trim to them along with beautiful colors of green, orange, and purple covered in glistening crystals. They were almost too pretty to light on fire…

Of course my method of ingestion was standard combustion, I’m a traditionalist. Earthy aromas permeated the air when  lit. It was in the flavor as well, plus sort of ‘woody’ and slightly piney. Very flavorful.

In the end… Super relaxed. Very euphoric. I wouldn’t say I felt uplifted at all by the strain, but it didn’t leave me feeling sleepy either. In my opinion, that’s a good hybrid.

Size 3.5g
Strain Hybrid
THC 0.72%
THCA 24.38%
Total THC 25.10%
CBD <0.1%
CBDA <0.1%
Total CBD <0.1%
Alpha Pinene <0.01%
Beta Pinene 0.10%
Beta Myrcene 0.27%
Limonene 0.34%
Ocimene <0.01%
Linalool 0.07%
Beta Caryophyllene 0.51%
Humulene 0.13%


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