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Seattle city attorney: Legalizing pot to make communities ‘safer

stephen c. webster 6/27

I can already hear the Tacoma police complaining…….-UA

A new group of former and current officials has formed in Seattle, Washington encourage the U.S. Congress to legalize marijuana.

At a press conference last week, Pete Holmes, the sitting city attorney in Seattle, was joined by former U.S. Attorney John McKay and representatives with the American Civil Liberties Union in calling for the end of prohibition.

Speaking to reporters, Holmes insisted that by controlling the substance and making it more difficult for teens to purchase, it would limit the public’s exposure to brutal Mexican drug gangs, ultimately making communities “safer.”

The conference was part of a new campaign called “New Approach Washington,” which filed for a voter initiative that would see marijuana legalized, taxed and regulated in Washington state. The state already allows marijuana for medical use.